Elbow Brace

Post Op Telescopic Orthopedic Elbow Brace Support Breathable With Hand Grip

Detailed Product DescriptionMaterial:Polyester Fiber Coating With EVA , Hook And Loop , Aluminum Bar , Steel Hinge , Plastic

Detailed Product Description
Material:Polyester Fiber Coating With EVA , Hook And Loop , Aluminum Bar , Steel Hinge , Plastic BuckleColor:Black Or Other Customized Color
Size:Left , RightPacking:Polybag Packing Per Item And Loose Packing Into Outer Carton
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Product Feature : 

  • Telescopic Elbow Bracce offers extension adjustability between 0° and 90°, while flexion may be adjusted between 0° and 120° (ROM control in 10° increments)

  • Safe, Controlled Movement - Control your elbow's range of motion in 10-degree increments for improved stability and recovery.

  • One-Touch Adjustment - The "Easy Hinge" makes it quick and easy to control your elbow's range of motion.

  • Easy to use extension drop lock allows the brace to be locked out at any angle with the push of a button

  • Form Fit 3-dimensional padding and Lycra lining improve fit and comfort. Comfort pad at the neck and shoulder

  • Optional arm bar accessory kit provides anti-supination/ pronation control during use. OneTouch button enables easy release for slide-to-size length adjustments.

  • Easy-to-use hinge makes flexion and extension adjustments simple. 

  • Malleable aluminum cuffs allow customization for increased fit and support. Post elbow surgery: elbow reconstruction, ligament and tendon repairs, surgical repair of a fracture and biceps repair

  • Stable fractures. Mild to severe soft tissue injuries

  • One Size Fits All (Unisex) - The adjustable wrist, forearm, and bicep straps make it easy to size to fit your specific arm. 

  • Telescopic Length - Along with Velcro straps, each elbow brace features telescoping stabilizers to help you find the right stability and comfort level.

  • Post Op and Injury Recovery - Designed specifically for elbow injuries, this brace is ideal for dislocations, epicondylitis, fractures, rom orthosis, and more.

  • Lightweight – It maybe is one of the lightest post-op elbow braces on the market

  • Low profile design conforms to the arm for greater patient comfort

  • Telescoping forearm and humeral bars allows brace to fit a wide range of patient anatomies

  • Trimmable pads and straps

  • Malleable struts can be contoured to fit varying arm sizes and shapes

  • Detachable shoulder sling is included

Indications :

  • Stable fractures of the elbow, distal humerus, proximal radius or ulna

  • Tendon and ligament injuries or repairs (Tommy John surgery, distal biceps tendon repair)

  • Chronic elbow injuries

  • Collateral ligament reconstructions

  • Elbow hyperextension

  • Range of motion control post injury

  • Tennis elbow release

  • Triceps tendon repair


application :


1. Shoulder dislocation.immobilization after rotator cuff repair or shoulder girdle fracture


2. Humeral & Clavicular fracture


3. Other arm/shoulder injuries


4. Post-operation/plaster application.


5. Paralysis and hemiplegia





Product NamePost-Op Telescopic Elbow Brace With Hand Grip, Hinged ROM Elbow Brace with Sling
Item No.50365-50366
SizeLeft , Right
ColorBlack or customized color
CertificateFDA , CE
MaterialPolyester Fiber coating with EVA , Hook and Loop , Aluminum Bar , Steel Hinge , Plastic Buckle
PackingPolybag per item into one carton
LogoCustomer's logo will be shown